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About Us

Caledonia Group Limited is an automated online platform established by a team of professional traders focusing mainly on cryptocurrency trading over multiple exchanges and market. Adding value to the team of like minded businessmen specialist in Bitcoin trading. Our company has been growing fast by expanding trade industry and mining techniques and rolling more elite traders. Caledonia Group Limited is helping to educate, provide service for, secure, protect and ultimately profit from this emerging industry. Anyone all over the world can join Caledonia Group Limited and began earning passive income by taking advantage of our expertise in forex and crypto currency trading.

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To provide honest, relationship-driven advice, tailormade to fit each clients’ business journey. Integrity and strong ethics are at the core of everything we do. We speak the truth, invest in relationships and value trust above all else. Our company vision is to empower individuals worldwide with financial knowledge in a simplified manner and through the most authentic information. We are committed to help investors fulfill their dreams.

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Real Estate

We provide access to investing in the Real Estate industry through the offering of small real estate units which investors can include into their portfolios and benefit hugely.


As the world needs to feed a growing population and with less land, interest in agriculture production as an investment has grown right along with the world population.


NFTs are digital assets that act as secure documentation of ownership and can be a worthwhile investment for collectors. We help Investors sell and grow their NFTs.